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4 Great Health Benefits of Probiotics

4 Great Health Benefits of Probiotics

Did you know approximately 3.9million American adults, according to a report by the National Health Interview Survey, used probiotics in 2012 which is four times higher than in 2007?  The survey report also revealed that 7.8% of used probiotics for adults were Quality Topia’s Advanced Strength Probiotic.

How do Probiotics work ?

Probiotics help balance your good and bad bacteria to keep your body fit and healthy.Researchers recommend that you maintain a healthy ratio of approximately 85% good bacteria to 15% bad bacteria.

The demand for probiotic supplements is significantly increasing, because of their tremendous health benefits. Curious to know the significant health benefits of probiotics?

Read on to know some great health benefits of probiotics for men, women, and adults.

  1. Reduced Cholesterol Level

As we all know, high cholesterol level in the body, specifically high level of LDL cholesterol, may lead to heart diseases. Fortunately, probiotic strains, specifically Lactobacillus Acidophilus, in our product, can help reduce the cholesterol levels in the body and thus the chances of heart diseases will reduce naturally.

  1. Prevent Diarrhea

Diarrhea is more concerned than any other medical condition in America. Probiotics can actively reduce Diarrhea, caused by food poising and gastroenteritis-commonly known as Stomach flu, than any other supplement. A recent review of 34 studies by different professional revealed that probiotics are actively helpful in reducing Diarrhea by 34%.

Probiotics like our 30 billion CFU and 10x Strain can reduce the development of Diarrheas, up to 42%, in the human body.

  1. Increased Immunity

Unlike unlicensed antibiotics therapy, that destroys influential bacteria in body beside the harmful bacteria, probiotics improve the immunity in the human body. One of the main reasons of inflammation and diarrhea in the body is the destruction of influential bacteria in the body as a result of antibiotics therapy.

Some probiotics are proven to promote the production of antibodies which in turn help boost immune cells like T lymphocytes.

  1. Reduced Side effects

Probiotics are the natural supplements, thus they are safe for human health and body. Unlike other supplements, probiotics are already found in the regular digestive system and the have reduced side effects for the human body.

Also healthy living is tightly associated with healthy eating. Try out Quality Topia’s amazing new product, BPA free Sous Vide cooking kit to improve your healthy lifestyle.

After reading these significant health benefits of probiotics, the chances are you are going to have the one for you. But, beware of the quality of the ingredients used in probiotic supplements. So what are you looking for? Quality Topia is your trusted brand that brings the probiotic supplements with clearly marked ingredients and sealed label.

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