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Premium Oak Felt Letter Board with Unique Letters, Emojis and a Stand - 10*10 inches

Premium Oak Felt Letter Board with Unique Letters, Emojis and a Stand - 10*10 inches

Want to turn your creative thoughts into the words? You must because words are more effective than thoughts.

I have an ideal solution for you. Yes! Quality Topia’s felt letter board is the best partner for you to transform your ideas into the words.  But before purchasing the felt letter board, consider following things - 

Qualities of a Good Letter Board

  • Charming Colors - A good letter board comes with the letters in charming colors to offer you more stylish stuff to write. For instance, Quality Topia Felt Board Letters comes in red, white, yellow and blue colors. Cute! Isn’t it?
  • Perfectly Fit - for home decors and the public places as well to showcase small memos.
  • Changeable Characters - A good letter board has variety of characters to express your emotions like Quality Topia’s letter board comes with 680 changeable characters.
  • Good Size - A quality felt letter board come with an ideal size as 10*10” to write the funny notes or humorous memos.
  • Supported with Stand - It must be equipped with a stand that helps you to write on it with ease.

So, do you want such beautiful felt letter board for you? Wait no further! Quality Topia presents you the best felt board, with all the above qualities. Perfect to the size, our felt letter board is must-have to make the catchy and fun notes.

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